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Yuki Kageyama (Japanese: 影山 雪 Kageyama Yuki) is the manager for the Schweidan Adlers a Division 1 V-League team. For the majority of the series, she was a third-year at Shiratorizawa Academy and the vice-captain, starting setter, a wing spiker and ace of the school`s girls` volleyball team. She is known as the Night Queen (Japanese: ナイトクイーンNaito Kuīn) due to her intimidating demeanor when on the volleyball court, mimicking that of her younger brother, Tobio Kageyama. However, the word Night Queen referrers to her status as a royal and her claim to the Reverent Throne.


Yuki`s height and impressively sharp glare are said to be her most prominent physical characteristics. She is of a muscular build. She often emits an intimidating aura, with her black hair being cropped short, with a fringe that hangs just above her dark blue eyes. Her typical attire consists of either her school uniform or practice clothes. Due to these characteristics, she is considered the female version of her younger brother. She tends to wear an emotionless or slightly exasperated expression a great majority of the time but is shown to smile occasionally given the circumstance. It is said that her smiles are gentle and sincere, not scaring the life out of her opponents or scaring her teammates. However, she does have a Demon Grin, as it is dubbed by her ever-so-loving teammates of her.


Yuki is calm and composed most of the time, usually choosing not to show a range of emotions. She has a habit of calling people out on the foolish things they do, especially Ushijima, who she seems to be relatively close with despite their opposing personalities.

As opposed to being shy, Yuki is blunt with the things she says and often invites herself into the conversation when necessary, throwing in witty comments or responses. Although she is polite to a certain degree, this could be due to the fact that she is younger than some of the people in her very year.

Yuki also has a strong analytical side which can be seen whenever she makes split-second decisions on how to save the game from Azure`s mood swings. It took her 0.5 seconds to decide whether or not setting the ball to Azure while she was upset would be worth it or not.

In addition, she is also humble, knowing her own limits in her skills and never overstepping her boundaries. Then again, she also holds a cheeky trait, as she had dubbed Kuroo during one match: The conceited-rooster-head Kuroo-san.

It seems that being around energetic people like Bokuto exhausts her, as she mentioned at one point that "Bokuto exhausts her."

She is mentioned to have a uncaring side, as she didn`t care when she barged into the boy`s restroom to retrieve her younger brother and was very nonchalant when greeting her former underclassmen, Kindaichi as she did attend Kitagawa First for the first year, as her paperwork got sent to the wrong Middle School.


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Yuki gets featured as the number one female ace in Miyagi prefecture in a volleyball magazine that the Karasuno High players are reading. Later, Kageyama mentions that Yuki, the girl in the volleyball magazine is his older sister, much to the surprise of his other teammates. At the end of her club practice, Yuki calls Tobio, asking him if she can come see one of his practice matches. Her younger brother is hesitant, and unsure, eventually agreeing after Yuki promises to make Tobio bento boxes for an entire month and come from the school dorms to celebrate on his birthday.

3-on-3 First Years Match

Tobio calls Yuki after the end of the match against the other First Years and Daichi, confirming that he got onto the team. Yuki then comments on how awful his grades were back in Junior High, stating with a cheerful voice that he should try harder much to the laughter of Daichi and Sugawara who cheerfully wave to Yuki.

Aobajohsai Practice Match

On the day of the match, Yuki arrives with the rest of her teammates at Aobajohsai and happens across Karasuno and it`s players. Seeing her younger brother wandering off, Yuki and her teammates follow Tobio, Tanaka, Yamaguchi, and Tsukishima. They encounter Kindaichi, who mocks Tobio with Yuki casually asking Tobio what Kindaichi`s problem was, being answered with a swift slap to the back of her head. A little ticked off, she comments on how Tobio has issue problems before slapping him on his back. Neither of them notice Kindaichi`s widened eyes at what the back of Yuki`s track-jacket says, which says Shiratorizawa Academy. Entering into the gym, Yuki is instantly recognized by Hajime and comments on how tired she is, only to get a volleyball served to the back of her head by her team`s captain; Marie Ross.

The match begins and Yuki notices that her younger brother is instantly overwhelmed, with her teammates commenting on her younger brother is panicking so much, with their laughing being answered with death glares from both Kageyama`s. The problems reach a climax when Hinata serves right into the back of Tobio`s head and Yuki winces in sympathy. After the match, Yuki arrives to take Tobio home as she had planned with the consent of both of their parents but is met with the sight of Kindaichi confronting Tobio in the male`s bathroom. Opening the bathroom door, she is met with the sight of both boys gaping at her, before she drags Tobio away commenting for Kindaichi to wait for her to send her phone number to him over email so that they can talk longer. Kindaichi however, is staring at the name of her school written neatly on the back of her volleyball jacket.

Tobio and Kindaichi.png

Before Karasuno heads home, Oikawa meets them at the gate. He points out the players’ mistakes before focusing on Kageyama, announcing that he’s going to crush him in a regular game. Yuki then waves bye to Kageyama, saying that she will bring him home when he is finished cleaning up.

Asahi and Nishinoya`s Return

After the team returns to the school, Kageyama heads home with the others. Tanaka questions why Kageyama’s at a school like Karasuno anyway and the latter replies that Shiratorizawa rejected him, much to Tsukishima’s amusement. Kageyama adds that no matter which school he’s at, the opponents are still high schoolers so there’s no reason they can’t win. His confidence causes Hinata and Tanaka to laugh at him. Yuki pulls up to the group of laughing teenagers, and tells Kageyama to get in, offering the team to drop them off at their houses. They pass and Yuki drops Tobio at home, saying that she has to leave now if she wants to get back to the school before anybody wakes up.

A while later, Yuki and the rest of her teammates who have a day off of practice due to the fact that their captain has a slightly-sprained ankle, including their captain go to watch the Karasuno vs Nekoma practice match. Yuki comments on how Nekoma`s setter, Kenma Kozume reminds her of Kenma Kageyama; the Kageyama Family`s cat, which is met with snickers by her fellow teammates.

Interhigh Arc

Having finished their match with another school, Yuki and the rest of her teammates hurry into seats to watch Karasuno, with her teammates commenting on how her younger brother is cute, only to be met with her Demon Grin expression causing them to call her a "demon in a sheep`s clothing." Takinoue and Shimada are notably unnerved by her Demon Grin expression, as she shouts at Tobio to hurry up or win or else risk her wrath. Tobio instantly gets nervous upon spotting his older sister and her Demon Grin expression. They win that match, with Tobio instantly zooming up into the stands to plead his older sister to stop.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

During the match against Shiratorizawa, Yuki cheers on Tobi with her teammates commenting on how their relationship is so sweet, only to be met with an infamous Yuki`s kick to the stomach and Yuki acting like a tsundere and telling him to shut up. After the match, Yuki is seen approaching Ushijima and handing him one of her infamous bento boxes before telling him "you fought hard" before walking off towards her younger brother; Tobio Kageyama and Yuki`s waiting teammates. Her teammates are seen arguing with each other, with Helena Valkyrie being hit on the head by Erza; many of Shiratorizawa Academy`s students see them arguing with only Jade smiling bitterly at Karasuno, a sad but soft look in her eyes.


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