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Life is like volleyball, no matter how many times you try, if you keep doing the same mistake and you don't practice to get it right. You will never get better.
Selena to Shoyo Hinata
Selena Kageyama
Selena Kageyama.png
Character Information
Kanji 影山セレナ
Romaji Kageyama Serena
Also Known As Queen of the Court
Cherry Blossom (by Alisa Haiba and Kōtarō Bokuto)
Queen of Hearts (by Akinori Konoha)
Cool-geyama (by Shoyo Hinata)

Kiyoko no.2 (by Ryunosuke Tanaka and Yū Nishinoya)
Multilingual Queen (by Keiji Akaashi)
Kageyama, Selena-chan (by Yamiji Ayumi)

Gender Female
Date of Birth April 5, 1996
Age 15 (first appearance)

22 (November 2018)

Height 177cm (5'8")
Weight 56.5 kg (124.6 lbs)
Background Information
Family Akinori Konoha (husband)
Neito Kageyama (father)
Phoebie Kageyama (mother)
Beel Kageyama (younger brother)
Tobio Kageyama (cousin)
Miwa Kageyama(cousin)
Goal To become a trusted setter
Likes onigiri
Dislikes Dishonesty
Pineapple on Pizza
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (1st Year, Class 3)
Team Kitagawa Daiichi Junior Highschool

Fukurōdani Academy

Number 05
Position Setter
Debut Information
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Anime N/A
Seiyu Information
Japanese VA Marina Inoue
English VA {{{english voice actor}}}

Selena Kageyama (影山セレナ Kageyama serena) was previously the setter of Fukurodani Academy Girls' Volleyball Teamand the vice president of the student council next to Ayumi Yamiji. She is also the cousin of Tobio Kageyama. As of 2021, she is the setter for the Light Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits, a professional volleyball team in Division 1 of Japan's V.League. She is also a member of the Japan National Volleyball Team, serving as the team's setter.

On her first year of highschool, she was chosen to train at an all-Japan youth training camp along with Tobio.

She married Akinori Konoha, making her Selena Konoha (セレナコノハ Konoha Serena) after the Final Arc.


Selena is a tall, young woman, with dark blue eyes adorned by thick, long lashes, black hair, a pale complexion and an athletic physique.

In school, she wears her hair down and the standard Fukurodani Academy student uniform which consists of a white collared blouse, layered with a light grey blazer, with a blue bow. The skirt is plain black, paired up with below-the-knee socks and brown school shoes.

When playing volleyball, her hair is either in a high ponytail or a messy bun with loose hair dangling on both sides of her face. She also sports a golden scrunchie, a pair of dangling crescent earrings, and cross necklace that she never takes off. According to Kōtarō Bokuto, her hair smells like Cherry Blossoms.

During the beginning of Tokyo Summer Training Camp, she is seen wearing a blue navy shirt layered with a sleeveless shirt with the number 5 printed in black on both the front and back, altogether with black shorts and a pair of black volleyball shoes with gold linings.

During tournaments, she is seen wearing the standard Fukurodani Academy Jersey with the same pair of black shoes.

She is also noted to be beautiful by Kōtarō, Keiji Akaashi, Akinori Konoha, Yukie Shirufuku, and Kaori Suzumeda


Selena has a calm, composed and friendly personality towards people. Though, she appears as quiet and cold sometimes when she's with people she's not close with or who she doesn't like. She also knows how to cheer Kōtarō up and has a good relationship with the Fukurodani Academy Boys Volleyball Team.

She is shown as intimidating during tournaments, having an intense presence in a single gaze, yet she plays calmly and motivates the team when their spirit level is low other than dragging them down. She is very talented when it comes to volleyball, this was proven by multiple matches and noted by several volleyball coaches.

It's also been implied that she's a bit of a hopeless and imaginative romantic, which was shown when she quickly jumped to the conclusion that Tetsuro liked Alisa.

Selena has a love for knowledge, evident from the overflowing book collection spanning across various topics, most of which are fictional books and books about astronomy. As a setter, she's also shown great skill in analyzing different situations and precision.Though she claims to be an introvert, she actually is very good at meeting new people and building connections with them, as seen where she has made many friends in the Karasuno, Nekoma, and Inarizaki Volleyball Club


Selena started playing volleyball on her second year at Akiyama Elementary School along with Tobio, both have been called as genius setters in such a young age. When the both of them entered Kitagawa Daiichi Junior Highschool, they were known as one of the best volleyball players in school. As a young child, Selena never shows too much emotion but she is friendly and conveys what is on her thought. Though she has a habit of overthinking things such as stepping out of her boundaries when trying to make friends.

Because of her love for Volleyball, she constantly works hard and serves as the control tower of the team, making sure that her teammates trust her and her skills in delivering the ball.

By her third year of Junior High, she became one of the best setters in the prefecture, and was well-liked. Giving her the alias "Queen of the Court", because of her outstanding skills. She is also known as one of the best setters in Japan.


Tokyo Expedition Arc

As part of the Fukurodani Girl's Volleyball Club, Selena was asked to take part on the Training Camp. After arriving, she had met with the other teams. She is then shown walking up to Tobio and asking how he is and what he thinks about Karasuno. Just as Tobio was about to answer, he was interrupted by Akinori who came up, placing his arm around her shoulder and walking her away. She then asks as to why he wanted to talk to her. He then replies that she should be careful around guys she doesn't know and how he doesn't like how the other guys are looking at her. Selena then looks at him and laughs, explaining that Tobio was her cousin. She then begins teasing Akinori of how he's so protective of her, they are then interrupted by Kōtarō when he decides to sneak up on them.

After practice, she decides to go for a walk to get some fresh air, when she hears Kōtarō's voice on the gymnasium she passed by, she then takes a peak and sees players from different teams practicing. As she was about to leave, Kōtarō then calls after her, asking if she wanted to join them. She then tells them that she couldn't possibly keep up with them, Kōtarō then bursts out laughing, telling her that it was a good joke and threatening her that if she didn't, he'd go emo mode. Because of this, Selena immediately agreed, since she didn't want to be held responsible with Kōtarō's emo mode.

Kōtarō then wanted to team up with Selena and Keiji, but they said that it wouldn't be fair since the other group didn't have any setter. Selena then moves to the next group and the match began. She was grouped with Tetsuro Kuroo and Lev Haiba, against Kōtarō, Keiji, and Shoyo. Though, they didn't get to finish the match since they were called by Yukie and Kaori for dinner.

Yukie and Kaori then calls out to Selena asking what she was doing with the boys team, Selena then explains about Kōtarō threatening her as both of the girls bursted out laughing. Telling her that it was a good choice joining them and just avoiding Mr.Simpleton's emo mode.


Game Sense

Selena lives up to her title "Queen of the Court" because of her outstanding techniques and skills she has shown in multiple matches. She is a volleyball genius and a high-caliber setter, Selena has the potential to unify the team with her overwhelming talent. She is also trusted by her teammates and are shown to share great bonds.

Height and reach

  • April 2012:
    • Jumping Reach: 329 cm
  • November 2012:
    • Fingertip Height: 232 cm
    • Jumping Reach: 330 cm (spike) / 320 cm (block)
  • Post-Timeskip:
    • Jumping Reach: 344 cm


  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Selena has shown incredible pinpoint accuracy, the ability to accurately determine a ball's trajectory and tossing it to the exact point. Combined with the fact that she can also set from any angle at incredible speeds, this makes her sets almost impossible for most of her opponents to predict and counter.
  • Queen's Toss: Her best set is known as the "Queen's Toss," which causes the ball to go straight with a lot of force past through the spiker's point of impact. At first it was thought to be impossible to spike. During the Tokyo Expedition Arc, Selena adjusted her tosses along with Tobio to be able to perform a set that falls around the spiker's point of impact by adding a backspin. Though Selena was so stressed out by it at first saying that she had a hard time adjusting it, but then, Coach Ukai tells them that they should imagine the spiker jumping to hit the ball to be able to pinpoint it's angle. making it easier for them to execute the set.
  • Spike Serve and Jump Floater: Selena is known as the "Dual Wielder" for her mastery of both the spike serve and jump floater. Her spike serve is packed with power while his floaters are fast and unpredictable. It is also very unpredictable of which serve she is going to use because she doesn't show any signs.
  • Dump Set: Selena often utilizes dump sets to not get blocked, yet there are times that she uses it so often that it becomes very predictable. She also said that executing successful dump sets are on of the best feelings, she stated, "Imagine having your opponents out of breath and yet they really want to win, then you go ahead and dump it and no one sees it coming. You have 11 people glaring at you, it's the best time to giggle when everybody else is pissed."
  • High-Quality Tosses: Tobio has described Selena's toss to be very easy to hit. This was then proven by Tetsuro and Lev during their match on the Tokyo Expedition Arc despite teaming up with her for the first time. Selena is extremely dedicated into giving her all into every toss, making sure it is precise and easier to hit. She wants to build up her teammates trust for her in the way of setting the ball with the exact angle to the spiker.
  • Minus-Tempo Quick Set: Like Tobio, Selena is also able to execute the Minus-Tempo Quick Set with Kanoka Amanai. Though she isn't as good as Tobio since she misses the toss more often that Tobio does. She has shown incredible precision and speed in his tosses to execute the set.
  • Block Reading: Selena is able to guess the blocker's intentions and position unto where they jump, she judges based on their movements and their eyes, though her guesses aren't always accurate, she has the speed and the trust to her teammates to make up for it.


Tobio Kageyama

Selena and Tobio are shown to be very close as cousins. As seen where they always practice together ever since they were younger. It was seen that Selena truly cared for him when she had denied the rumors of Tobio being a very selfish "King" and stood up for him. Similar to Selena, Tobio has also shown his care for her as seen where he stood up for her with her bullies when they were still in Akiyama Elementary School. Though they we're separated after Selena had moved to Fukurodani and Tobio in Karasuno. During the Tokyo Expedition Arc, they've shown that they still deeply care for each other and still share a great bond with one another. Though their relationship is seen more like a sibling relationship, since Selena often teases Tobio's serious face. She had also joked that whenever she'd see him frown, she'd set a Minus-Tempo Quick Set up to his face.

Akinori Konoha

The two of them first met after Selena got lost while finding Fukurodani's gymnasium. She then bumps into Akinori who was holding a volleyball and asks him if he knew where the tryouts where held. Akinori also found Selena attractive and wanted to befriend her. After some time, Akinori becomes Selena's closest friend and upperclassman, they are always seen hanging out after their practices, mistaking them as a couple. Though Akinori has confessed to Kotaro and Keijii that he had feelings for her, he was too nervous to tell him what he really felt about her. As an imaginative romantic herself, she had sensed Akinori's actions towards her and this developed to such feelings for him as well. Though, she seems to be able to control her feelings to hide the fact that she becomes flustered at times, giving herself an inward monologue saying "Calm down" whenever he compliments her. Akinori is also seen as a jealous type who get jealous at the boys who Selena get close with or flirts with her. During the Nationals when Atsumu Miya asks Selena out on a date, Akinori walks up to them jealous and places his arm around Selena's shoulders taking her away. Selena then asks as to why he dragged her away, Akinori then tells her that he doesn't trust Atsumu and begins making up reasons as to why she shouldn't date other guys, he then confesses his feelings to Selena as she accepts her confession and hugs him, leading them to a beautiful relationship. Akinori is seen supporting Selena during her games and is always there to cheer for her on her matches, this goes for Selena as well. After a few years, Selena goes on to marry Akinori which is revealed in the Final Arc when they went to see the Schweiden Adlers vs Black Jackals game and arrived together.

Keiji Akaashi

As schoolmates with the same calm and composed demeanor, Selena and Keiji are seen close in the series, along with Kōtarō. Selena admires Keiji's skills in both volleyball and cooping up with Kōtarō's emo mode. They are usually dragged with Kōtarō on his antics whether they like it or not. It is also pointed out that Selena had a crush on Keiji because of his good looks and personality, though it didn't last long after she had gotten close with Akinori.

Kōtarō Bokuto

Selena loves Kōtarō's energetic personality and she also knows how to handle his emo mode. Selena admires Kōtarō's skills and determination when it comes to Volleyball and believes that he is indeed one of the best aces in Japan. Even though Selena was Kōtarō's underclassman, it is shown that both Keiji and Selena ended up looking like his older siblings and looking after him. Kōtarō has shown that he cares for Selena as seen when he had helped boost her confidence in volleyball and was the first one to comfort her on her grandfather's passing.

Karasuno Volleyball Club

Selena is close friends with both the Karasuno Boys and Girl's Volleyball Club, as seen when they have several interactions with the other members during the Tokyo Expedition Arc and in Nationals.

Shoyo Hinata

Despite Shoyo's height, Selena has always seen something in Shoyo during the Tokyo Expedition Arc. She had also guessed that he would become one of the top players in Japan in the Men's League along with Tobio and Kōtarō. Shōyō finds Selena attractive and gets flustered around her, Selena seems to be fond of Hinata because of his bright personality and innocent nature. Shoyo also gave her the nickname "Cool-geyama" because of her calm and cool demeanor unlike her cousin Tobio who Shoyo calls, "Bakageyama".

Ryunosuke Tanaka and Nishinoya Yū

Ryunosuke and Nishinoya has seen Selena as attractive as well but they claimed that she was only next to Kiyoko in terms of attractiveness, giving her the nickname Kiyoko Shimizu no.2.

Kiyoko Shimizu and Hitoka Yachi

There are minimal interactions between the three of them but they seem in good terms. Selena thinks Kiyoko is really attractive and Hitoka is really cute.

Lev Haiba

Both of them had met during the Tokyo Expedition Arc and became good friends, Selena liked Lev's quite childish and cheerful personality, making it fun to be around him. Lev had also asked if Selena would toss to him during practice and she agreed, he had also stated that he liked her tosses and saying it was very easy to spike, making him fond of her. Akinori has also shown to be jealous of this and asks Selena to throw him tosses as well. This leads to Selena teasing him saying that he didn't need to worry because she only sees Lev as a friend, leaving a flustered Akinori.

Tetsurō Kuroo

Tetsurō and Selena had minimal interactions in the series, but it was shown that he had also found Selena attractive. They seem to be on good terms and friends as well since they have each other's phone numbers.

Alisa Haiba and Akane Yamamoto

The three of them met after Lev introduced Selena to his sister Alisa who introduced her to Akane. They've became good friends and hang out on free times. Despite the age gap, Selena is seen to be more close to Alisa than Akane as seen where they would interact more with each other. The three of them are also seen eating out together. Alisa also thought that Akane and Selena liked her brother, and accepted it happily and thought of ways they could bond if one of them would become in-laws one day. Meanwhile, Selena had thought that Tetsurō was into Alisa, this leading to her teasing Alisa and saying that they'd make a good couple.

Atsumu Miya

Both have met during the All-Japan Training Camp where he found Selena to be very attractive and very talented when it comes to volleyball. After seeing her set for the first time Atsumu saw a huge potential in her and developed a crush on her at first sight, he had also asked for Tobio's help in getting her attention. Even though this, Selena only saw Atsumu as a friend since she already has eyes for someone else. They also meet again during the Nationals where Atsumu decides that he'd get to know her and ask her out on a date but, before Selena had to answer, Akinori had interrupted them.

Kanoka Amanai

Kanoka and Selena are both part of the Light Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits team, not only do they have a setter-spiker relationship, they are also shown very close, sharing the same age with Selena being just 6 months older.

Yuri Shirabu

After being classmates in Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High School, both have been shown to be quite close with each other though they had to go separate ways, Yuri in Aoba Johsai and Selena in Fukurodani. They then meet after being part of the V. League Division 1 where they are seen talking to each other and catching up on what had happened on the past 4 years. On one Saturday, they both meet again along with Akinori and Iwaizumi Hajime as their dates. Yuri then suggests going on a double date at a cafe.

Ayumi Yamiji

As students part of the Fukurodani Academy student council, both are seen close friends, sharing the same calm and composed demeanor. Selena has always been aware of her insecurities, telling her she's beautiful and she doesn't need to worry about what other people think. After knowing about Keiji's feelings for Ayumi. Selena, Akinori, and Kōtarō had made up a plan to get them to become closer to each other. Though their plans never work out because of Kōtarō either spoiling it or blowing off their cover.


  • (To herself) "My team is my FAMILY, the ball is my BEST FRIEND, the court is my HOME, and the game is my LIFE."
  • (To Akinori Konoha) "I love me too! Just kidding, I love you too Akinori. Because if I do know what love truly meant, it's because of you."
  • (To Akinori Konoha) "If I'm going to be your Queen of Hearts, then you'll be my Jack of All Trades."
  • (To Akaashi Keiji) "No girl believes she's beautiful until a guy comes along and makes her feel that she is, take care of her Keiji."
  • (To Ayumi Yamiji) "I don't know if you noticed that your smile lights up the room... and Keiji's heart."


  • Selena is the tallest player in the Kitagawa Daiichi Girl's Volleyball Club and Fukurodani Girl's Volleyball Club, she is the second tallest in Light Pharmaceutical Red Rabbits team next to Kanoka Amanai.
  • Selena is also a singer-songwriter, though she doesn't show it until the Beach Arc, during team Fukurodani's victory party.
  • Her zodiac sign is Aries, yet she is able to hide her true emotions.
  • She is told to have an intense presence on the court but a calming presence outside of it.
  • Favorite Food: Onigiri
  • In the dorms, she wears pajamas to bed.
  • Pre-timeskip Concern: If she were stranded in an island with unlimited raw food and cooking materials, she thinks she'd either die of hunger or burn the food along with the island.
  • Post-timeskip Concern: How to keep your teeth clean even after eating because she already brushed her teeth.
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