Everyone plays a part in Volleyball, and you should always give it your 110 percent!
— Ine Iwazumi
Ine Iwaizumi
Character Information
Also Known As Ine-Senpai (By Ruka Yamaguchi)

Iwai-San (By Aika Shimizu)

Eomma (By Kokoro Matsukawa)


Gender Female
Date of Birth May 10th
Age 18
Height 132 cm (4'3.97) (Junior High) 177.8 cm (5'10")
Weight 70.398 kg (155.2 lbs)
Background Information
Family Hajime Iwaizumi (2nd Father)

Tōru Oikawa (Father) Takeru (Cousin) Yasu Oikawa (Younger Brother) Unnamed Aunt Unnamed 2nd Aunt Ine Oikawa (Grandmother) Unnamed Grandfather Adoptive Grandmother Adoptive Grandfather

Goal To make enough money to afford an orphanage
Likes Children Coffee Romance Magic
Dislikes Thunderstorms Pineapple Autumn Football
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (3rd year, Class 2)
Team Izumitate Junior High (Former) Renzoku kyassuru High


Number 2
Position Libero(Former) Setter(Current)
Debut Information
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Seiyu Information
Japanese VA Yoko Hikasa
English VA Monica Rial

Ine Oikawa ( Oikawa Ine) is a third-year student from Renzoku kyassuru High (Commonly referred to as Renzoku High); she is a setter in the High Volleyball team, as well as vice captain. She is Hibiki Sawamura's girlfriend, childhood friend, and "wife".


Ine has long, straight, black hair that goes to the bottom of her back, and dark, blue grey eyes. She is the tallest of the female volleyball players, and has the second biggest bust size. Many others find her to be attractive, to the point she gets at least 3 love letters a day. Ine is almost always shown with a small, gentle smile, and, as told by many people who have seen her play, she has a grin on her face almost the entire game, making her even prettier.

When playing Volleyball, Ine wears the typical Renzoku High uniform, with the number 2 on it, as well as white athletic shoes with amber details.

When at school she wears the Renzoku female uniform, consisting of dark blue Saban's, a white collared long sleeve shirt, dark red tie, tied into a bow, a white trimmed black blazer, a blue skirt, and light green knee-high socks. Her shirt is shown to be tucked in and she wears light peach lip-gloss.


Being the vice captain of all her teams ,and now 'Mom' of Renzoku High, she has picked up a kind,soothing,calm personality for his teammates and younger brother, acting as a wall for them. When she is gone from the team (such as when she gets sick), her teammate's tend to give up trying and can barely even work together, causing arguments and fights to suddenly break out.

Ine has been playing Volleyball since kindergarten, and her love for the sport is clear when she plays and has never stopped playing, and refuses to give up when she fails.

Aside from her maternal and kind nature, she is shown to be quite quick to anger and sassy . Such as when Suzume was being called a 'saitei' (Literally meaning: Lowest), and Ine pushed the person and said 'Now your the lowest.'